Friday, October 16, 2015

Nanowrimo News

It's been almost three months since my last post, but fret not! I have actually been writing a more than normal amount lately and I've decided to channel my rediscovered penchant for over-writing by joining Nanowrimo 2015! This will be my fourth time trying it and I'm very excited. Last year, I didn't do it. With a months-old baby and absolutely no motivation to speak of, it was just not happening. But this year, I've got a plan.

Those of you who know me know that I am a complete pantser. Normally, I let my characters run the story and I kind of just record whatever they do and say. But this year, my characters and I have planned the story ahead of time. I decided that I didn't want to get lost fumbling around looking for something else to write. Which is also why I'm going to do something I very rarely do - write out of order. I know that's how most books are written, but believe it or not, most of my books are written in order. 

Hopefully with the changes to my own personal process for writing, I will be able to complete my challenge. Feel free to:
- Go to my Nano page and keep track of how I'm doing starting November 1st
- Sign up and write alongside me
- Ask me for a detailed synopsis and then suggest book titles

Cheers to a great Nanowrimo 2015!
- Natasja