Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm not trying to hide... not too much, anyway.

Today's post is all about My Best Friend's Brother/The Summer I Turned Into A Girl and where exactly you can find this book. If you haven't yet had a chance to read it, there are places it can be found for free, my friends. And if you're still interested in buying it, there are also several places to do that.

1. I always have copies. If you live remotely close to me, you can get your hands on a copy from me. I will sell you copies (usually for a discounted price) and I will sign it. And if I'm feeling particularly generous, I may even just lend you a copy.*

2. My local library carries a couple copies of it. Library cards are free, and so is borrowing books.

3. Various friends and family members have copies of my books, so if you are friends with them, just ASK. If they don't have a copy on hand, they can still get you a copy from me. Keep in mind that I have friends and family near where I live, and in various parts of the States.

4. I think some people in the UK bought my book. I don't actually know who, but it's kind of cool to know it's traveled that far. 

If all that fails, there's the online stuff:
5. The CreateSpace store has it, of course.

6. is currently offering it at a discounted price.**

7. Lastly, please keep in mind that my book is on Goodreads. If you've read it and know someone else who has read it, could you kindly take the time to rate and/or review it? Thank you so much.

- Natasja

*I also have a copy in my bathroom, so feel free to come over and... I don't know, use the bathroom?

**Do me a favour, would you? If you see some clowns trying to sell my book for $145.27, please let me know. Thanks.