Saturday, April 13, 2013

The way things are (Or why I can feel the train more than hear it)*

I realize I haven't been around much since my last post in January. Truth be told, I haven't written much of anything since then. This has got to be my lowest word count in a period since I wrote Less Than Perfect three years ago. Yup, that's right. I started writing LTP around this date in 2010 and did little of anything else until it was finished.

But lately, I've barely even looked at any of my books, let alone added much to them. Call it the winter blues, call it stress, call it poor time management. The fact is that I have been wasting a lot of my free time, something that I am loathe to admit to myself (though I feel oddly comfortable admitting in a public forum).

Fear not, however! Guilt at not letting my characters progress in their stories and not giving my readers something to read is a huge motivator for me. So I've decided not to give myself any excuses for not writing. Yes, I have to work, but so does everyone and other people find time in their lives for the things they love. Which means I have to cut out a lot of the other time-wasting things I do, pull my socks up, and get to it!

And so, with these thoughts in my mind, I will put on some motivational music and leave you with these immortal words:
- Natasja

*I've recently moved to an area where a train goes by quite frequently. (Although in my town, they go by pretty much anywhere, but this one is basically in my backyard). However, the tracks not being close to any roads, they never actually signal that they're coming. So every once in a while, my little slice of Heaven** turns into an earthquake zone.

**Not an actual slice of Heaven.