Saturday, December 22, 2012

White Christmas? I'll take it.

You may have noticed that I haven't posted in a while. The reason for that is because I've been away, involuntarily visiting a place I call "Why-I-Even-Doing-This." I'm pretty sure every author has been there at least once, maybe a few times, yet it still seems like one of the loneliest places on the planet.

Nevertheless, the snow this morning has brought me back to a happy places where words flow like water in Niagara Falls (or something like that). Well, that and the fact that my friend and pseudo-editor has been bugging me every day for something new to read. What more motivation could I possibly need, right? So with my week off for the holidays, I plan on setting a proverbial pen to paper and getting some stuff done. Maybe I'll even finish another book. Who knows?

Anyway, mostly I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy and safe Christmas, and that the next year of your life will be the best one yet.

- Natasja

PS. If you're a fan of bad music, head on over to Josh's blog.